Professional Image
  • Modern, responsive-design website
  • Website optimized for all viewing devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Custom mobile app for quick and easy ordering

Inventory Control
  • Hourly updates from POS
  • New POS items automatically added to website
  • Deleted POS items automatically removed from website
  • Out of stock items can be removed from website or displayed as “Out of Stock”
  • Capable of working with virtually any POS or inventory list

Product Display
  • Each product displays once, with all available size/package options offered
  • Wishlist feature allows customers to flag items for future purchases
  • Comparison feature allows customers to view specific products side by side
  • Customers can share favorite items by email, Facebook or twitter with the click of a button
  • Out of stock items automatically removed or displayed as “Out of Stock”
  • Customers can choose how many products per page to display

  • Specials page automatically displays items that are currently on sale
  • Sale items show both regular and sale prices

Discount Calculator
  • Applies discount rules for case, half-cases, etc.
  • Enforces mix-and-match or same-item quantity discounts
  • Can allow sale items to contribute to quantity discounts
  • Can automatically compare sale price versus discounted price and use the lower price
  • Can limit discounts to specific size items
  • Specific items can be exempt from discounting
  • Discounts can require a special discount code

Fee Disclosures
  • Discounts applied as a separate line item
  • Taxes automatically applied as a separate line item
  • Deposit fees automatically applied as a separate line item
  • Optional tips applied as a separate line item

  • Enables orders for pickup, delivery or shipping
  • Store receives orders by email, text or fax
  • Customer confirmation message includes timeframe for when orders will be available

  • Accept credit card only, cash only, or both
  • Works with your existing merchant services account

  • Distance zone can be defined by radius, driving distance or zip codes
  • Allows for minimum order amount
  • Delivery fee can be based on distance or order amount
  • Allow customers to provide special delivery instructions
  • Provides customers with the option of adding a tip

POS Integration
  • LiquorPOS, WinePOS, Atlantic Systems, Clover, DiamondScan and more
  • Capable of working with virtually any POS or inventory list


Special Requests
  • Easy form for customers to make special requests for items not currently in stock

Online Gift Card Sales
  • Sell physical cards/certificates, or allow customers to print their own e-certificates
  • E-certificates can be emailed on a specific date and include a customized message
  • Stores redeem e-certificates through an easy to use web portal

Email Marketing
  • Customized template with store’s logo, website colors, etc.
  • Send a welcome offer when customer places first order
  • Broadcast promotional offers, such as monthly specials, at any time
  • Can include discount codes for offers not publicized on the website
  • Automatically manage unsubscribe requests and email bouncebacks

  • Recipe database contains over 15,000 recipes
  • Browse through cocktail recipes by category
  • Search for specific cocktail names
  • Show all cocktails that use a specific ingredient

Event Calendar
  • Promote wine tastings and other events through an online calendar
  • Easy to add and manage events through a point-and-click interface
  • Add promotional photos to each event listing
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