How will I know when an order gets placed?
eLiquorExpress will send you an email, text message or fax to notify you of any orders

Do I need to use another credit card processing company?
No, eLiquorExpress will work with your existing credit card processor.

When will I receive the money?
All payments are immediately processed, the same as if the customer handed you the card.

When I add a product to my POS, do I need to add it to my website?
No, eLiquorExpress will automatically add new products to your website

How do I avoid having products purchased online that we no longer have in stock?
eLiquorExpress synchronizes your online store with your POS. When your POS shows an item has zero inventory, customers will not be able to purchase it.

Does the website provide the same discounts that we offer in the store?
Yes, all discount formulas are applied to online purchases

How does the website handle delivery orders?
eLiquorExpress provides full support for delivery orders. Delivery zones, minimum purchase amounts, delivery fees and optional tipping are some of the available features.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No, you can terminate the service at any time.

Can I see a demo of the system?
Yes, please contact us to schedule an online demo.

What other services do you provide?
We provide a wide range of website marketing services for liquor stores, such as email marketing, social networking, and gift card sales. Please see www.eliquorstoresites.com for more info.

Why eLiquorExpress instead of other vendors?
Many reasons. Here are a few:
  • Photos and tasting notes. Very few vendors can provide you with an ecommerce website that includes photos and tasting notes of almost every item.
  • POS integration. We can integrate your store with virtually any POS. This allows your online store to be up and running quickly and ensures that customers always see your latest products.
  • Affordable service. eLiquorExpress costs much less than competing systems and does not limit the number of products. We can usually save you thousands of dollars per year and provide a better service.
  • Experience. Community Communications has been in business for over 15 years. We are experts at helping liquor stores use the Internet to improve their businesses, and we have many complementary technologies and services that you can take advantage of.
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